2014 Interfaith Vacation to Guyana, South America

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Enjoy flora, fauna and the highest drop falls in the world! See the world's highest wooden cathedral! Guyana's oldest Mosque and & visit beautiful Hindu temples Delights of Guyana 2014 Interfaith Trip to Guyana, South America February 27 - March 8, 2014 Itinerary Thursday, February 27 ● Leave for Guyana Friday, February 28 ● Tour Georgetown, visit Churches, Mosque & … [Read more...]

Free Event – Book Signing of “Bengal to Barbados”

FREE EVENT You are invited to an Evening of Culture Book Signing by Sabir Nakhuda, author of: Bengal to Barbados and East Indians and Muslims in the Caribbean Learn the fascinating history, culture, religion and heritage that made up Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica’s East Indians and Muslims. Where did they come from? When? How? Speakers: • Sabir Nakhuda - Guest of Honor and … [Read more...]

“What Ails the Muslim World?” – Lecture by Haroon Siddiqui

Haroon Siddiqui

Haroon Siddiqui, the award winning Toronto Star columnist will speak at the Noor Cultural Centre on Thursday, September 19 at 6 pm. Mr. Siddiqui is a past president of PEN Canada, sits on many boards and holds both the Order of Ontario and the Order of Canada. PEN Canada is the Canadian arm of PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) the only world-wide organization of writers. It has grown to … [Read more...]

Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice is one of his most powerful plays, but also one of the most controversial penned by the famed 16th century playwright. Its portrayal of the moneylender Shylock has been seen as anti-Semitic. Consequently, in recent years this play has not been staged that frequently. However, this summer the Stratford Festival is presenting Merchant of Venice in a … [Read more...]

Multifaith Conference on Religion, Peace and Violence – Wednesday June 26, 2013

Metro hall

On Wednesday June 26, 2013, members of the Interfaith community attended a Multifaith Conference on Religion, Peace and Violence held at Metro Hall. A representative of the Noor Cultural Centre and an active Interfaith member, Samira Kanji, spoke at the event about the importance of alleviating misperceptions regarding other cultures and religions in times of both violence and peace. This … [Read more...]

Maple Syrup for Soldiers

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We are a neighbourhood and also are proud Canadians. In that context, we support the Maple Syrup for Soldiers programme developed by one of our supporters, Wayne Krangle. Maple Syrup for Soldiers produces and sells traditional maple syrup; the proceeds are donated to help Canadian soldiers who have been injured and need help. The story of this endeavour is set out below. All-Natural Canadian … [Read more...]