Avrum Rosensweig


Avrum Rosensweig was born into a family of Orthodox Rabbis and a family who immigrated to Canada at the beginning of the last century. He received an Orthodox Jewish education, completing the first stage of his Talmudic studies at Ner Israel Yeshiva in Toronto and later on in Jerusalem, Israel.

For sixteen years, Avrum has directed Ve’ahavta – Canada’s only Jewish humanitarian organization of its kind – a charitable organization that supports hands-on voluntarism in Canada and around the world. He has shared his “joyous enthusiasm” for doing good deeds (mitzvoth and tzeddaka) that is the hallmark of his upbringing.

Avrum infuses volunteers with that same enthusiasm in the local and international development work carried out by Ve’ahavta, often with interfaith partners.  “By creating multifaith partnerships,” Avrum said, “Jews and non-Jews are able to actualize the message of their respective religions and recognize how inspired acts of charity make the world a better place.

Avrum is a columnist for the Canadian Jewish News. As an amateur painter, Avrum insists that any resemblance that he may have to a character in Chaim Potok’s novel, My Name is Asher Lev is purely coincidental. And he is the father of a beautiful six-year old –  Noah River.

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