Multifaith Conference on Religion, Peace and Violence – Wednesday June 26, 2013

Metro hall

On Wednesday June 26, 2013, members of the Interfaith community attended a Multifaith Conference on Religion, Peace and Violence held at Metro Hall. A representative of the Noor Cultural Centre and an active Interfaith member, Samira Kanji, spoke at the event about the importance of alleviating misperceptions regarding other cultures and religions in times of both violence and peace. This … [Read more...]

Maple Syrup for Soldiers

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We are a neighbourhood and also are proud Canadians. In that context, we support the Maple Syrup for Soldiers programme developed by one of our supporters, Wayne Krangle. Maple Syrup for Soldiers produces and sells traditional maple syrup; the proceeds are donated to help Canadian soldiers who have been injured and need help. The story of this endeavour is set out below. All-Natural Canadian … [Read more...]

Hava Nagila, the Movie


Finally, an answer to a question that people have been asking themselves for years: where did Hava Nagila come from? Hava Nagila, the Movie, explores the history and significance of a song that is the staple at Jewish wedding celebrations. It does so through a contextualized lens so that people who are not familiar with the intricacies of Jewish traditions can enjoy the artistic touch and … [Read more...]

Muslims Condemn Attack on Soldier in Woolwich

No cause justifies this murder A barbaric act that has no basis in Islam and we condemn this unreservedly Vast majority of British Muslims acknowledge armed forces for the work they do Calls for calm and unity in all communities The Muslim Council of Britain this evening spoke out, in the strongest possible terms, the news of a horrific murder that has taken place in Woolwich, London. … [Read more...]

Proposed large casino in Toronto

In the last while, the issue of a possible large-scale permanent casino in Toronto or the GTA area has been vigorously debated. On the week of May 19 Toronto City Council will address this issue. Each person should make up his or her own mind about such a new facility in Toronto. However, changes in Ontario’s legislation means that a referendum of voters is not required; only members of Toronto … [Read more...]

Watch Avrum Rosensweig speak at the Neighbourhood Interfaith Group’s 27th Annual Speaker Evening – VIDEO


Avrum Rosensweig was the guest speaker at the 2013 Annual Interfaith Group dinner. Since its founding, the Neighbourhood Interfaith Group has grown and is now comprised of six churches, six synagogues, one Islamic organization and two schools. All of our members embrace the benefits in multi-cultural Toronto of improving interfaith understanding and dialogue to ending bias, bigotry, and racism … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Neighbourhood Interfaith Group website blog!


Thank you for visiting our website The Neighbourhood Interfaith Group, as a north Toronto interfaith group of 14 congregations and institutions, has developed this website to reach out to the community and to send our message of embracing the similarities among different faiths and of encouraging respect for each faith. Appreciation for website design This website was conceived by a team … [Read more...]