Multifaith Conference on Religion, Peace and Violence – Wednesday June 26, 2013

Metro hall

On Wednesday June 26, 2013, members of the Interfaith community attended a Multifaith Conference on Religion, Peace and Violence held at Metro Hall.
A representative of the Noor Cultural Centre and an active Interfaith member, Samira Kanji, spoke at the event about the importance of alleviating misperceptions regarding other cultures and religions in times of both violence and peace.

This event was organized in commemoration of survivors of torture, and centered on a discussion of the misconceptions many people have about Muslim societies in some parts of the world. This event was an extension of a May 30th, 2013 workshop held at the Noor Cultural Centre called “Muslims and Multiculturalism”.

Specifically, the discussion focused on misperceptions about the extent and motivations for Muslim terrorism, and implications of foreign governments in such affairs.

It was a wholesome communication about the ways perspectives are created, maintained and manifested regarding other cultures. The conference also focused on the importance of consistently observing our declared moral values. The laws and conventions we create against torture are done so knowing that such laws will be called upon precisely in times of conflict when we need them most. Such safeguards are needed to replace responses based on anger and revenge.

Similarly to this event, the Interfaith group is interested in replacing assumptions with well-informed knowledge from credible sources, in order to end bias, bigotry and racism in Toronto. This Multifaith Conference provided an opportunity for a communication into this goal.